Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I spent BIG Bucks tonight!

Are you ready...a wopping $.34!  I love this game!  Okay so this is not a blog on how much money I can save or how much free stuff I can get FREE!  I'll try to contain myself.

So on our way home from the grocery store tonight Autumn and I came home to a house fire down the road from us.  We stopped to get out and look, just in time to hear the windows popping.  I'm not sure this was a good idea?  Autumn asked 100 questions and wanted to make sure our fire alarms were working and will i wake her up if theirs a fire.  We also had to pray that we would be safe and for the people down the road.

3 I love Comments!!:


You must post some instructions to how you get all that stuff for so cheap (ummm should I say FREE?!?!) I need some tips...btw I'm Alexia from The Mommy Rambles - Lacey talks about you all the time so I almost feel like I know you already - HI! :)


Wow! Good for you. Any other tips would be great!

Thanks for entering my giveaway - have a great week!


I am still amazed by how you get so much stuff free from the store! That coupon thing boggles my mind sometimes. I know you have tried to teach me but I guess I need to come live with you for awhile or something. It's not like I haven't done that before.

I can just hear Autumn asking you all those questions about fire alarms and such. Tell her hi for me

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