Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We 3 girls!

Poor husband, 3 girls to one boy, we'll 2 if you count Toaster!  Were up and running... Kids every-night.  This crusade we all got the purple t-shirts.  Just took some scissors to them to make them our personality. Lillie loved hers.

How many sno-cones & cotton candy can a kid have?  For mine, 1 every day!!!  Good thing there is less sugar in a bag of cotton candy than in a can of pop.  Probably 10 tsp of sugar per can of pop to 1 tsp of sugar in a bag of cotton candy.  I'm not sure if they will ever get tired of this slide.

Found a sitter 3 nights a week so the girls don't have to go with us to every program.  Autumn was really nervous.  She put on her new dress today to make sure she looked cute!  I came home and the girls had painted pictures.  Autumn loves to paint so they were happy campers. So I think we have a good mix.  When I tucked Autumn in bed tonight she said, " Marsha is so much fun...I can't wait until tomorrow!"

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That last picture of Lou is so cute!

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