Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brown City Missionary Family Camp

Brown City, Michigan 
130 campers (intermediate)

This is the cabin we stay in year after year.  We have a Yearly freind.  He's a bat.  He lives up top in the vents, we can see him from the inside, don't worry he can't get in.  I'm getting use to him.  I'm thinking he needs a name.

This two bedrooms and 1 bath cottage is where we stay. (This is our 4th year at this camp)  The shower is smaller than a single stand up shower, you run of of hot water in less than 3 min.  We have to stager our showers and usually I shave my legs in the sink.  Lillie takes her bath in the sink.  There is no air, and it was hot the first 3 days, but got much cooler and we froze at night.

 This is the camp where Paul grew up. (Missionary) The Camp runs more people than the city of Brown city in which it's located.  I believe somewhere around 2,500 people during it's 10 days of camp.  It's great, We get to see friends and family. (HI Tucky's we miss you already!)We had an offering contest between the Jr. and Intermediate kids... we lost... obviously!  The kids between the two groups raised $1,700 for a boy in Hungery that is starting a baseball minisrty.

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His Hands His Feet Today

Looks like a cozy time... minus the bat!!! ICK!!!!!

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