Sunday, August 17, 2008

Petting Farm in the middle of nowhere.

We were up in Morley Michigan at (Brockway Weslyan (spelling)   Found this cute petting farm near the church and we eat lots of ice cream at the local ice cream joint!  

This slide the girls had a blast on!

This chicken is so cool!  I wouldn't mind having him.  Did i say that?  We got our first 2 fresh eggs 3 days ago.  Love them!
My girls don't even have a play area at home this nice!  Those goast must be awful special!  My girls were envious.

My husband thinks we need this?  He's nuts.  I tryed to tell him we have enough...eieio  No camels allowed.  I'm putting my foot down!

It was a nice quick country weekend at a country church.   I must say... I'm still a city girl.

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