Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Outfit

Here's to the 2nd day of school.  Autumn is styling one of her new outfits and backpack.  She left in a great mood, even though I made her ride the bus.  She only has four stops before she gets to school, so she'll ride in the morning and we'll pick her up.

Paul and I are off to Marrion Illinois today.  The girls will have a sitter for 4 days.  This will be the first time to leave Lillie for the night.

While in Marrion we will be live on TCT.  (Total Christian Television)  Last time we were on I told Paul, No one watches that!  We'll, I put my foot in my mouth.  You would not believe the phone calls we received saying, "We seen you on TV!"   We'll I'm not looking forward to it, I wasn't born to be a TV girl.  I think my girls would be much cuter on TV than me!

The taping is On Friday at 9:00 am and will show 4 times during the 24 hours.   Thank goodness it's only 20 min, last time it was an hour long and Paul escaped from his straight jacket. (What was I thinking when I married this man?)

Signing out a little nervous,


2 I love Comments!!:

Michael Buckingham

I'll try to catch that...nice to have found your blog. I noticed you went to the Canton must be in our backyard...well, maybe frontyard. We're in Midland, MI

Enjoy your time on TCT!

Jaci Spain

She's so pretty and I love the outfit:) That's awesome that you are going to be on TV. Good luck!

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