Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crossroads Village

Today was defiantly an Indian Summer Day,  WOW 80 degrees.  The girls and I went with friends to Crossroads Village/Huckleberry Railroads in Clio.  We've never been and it was great. (It's an old town village with lots to do). 
For halloween there were 20 different house that you go through and get your card punched and receive candy.  When your card is full you then go and get donuts and cider.  There was also a train you could ride, several old time carny rides, hay maze, magic show, little shops...  It was so nice, it was a perfect day. Except for not having husband.  Who called and had a flat tire on the way home from TN.  He'll be in this morning at 2:00am.

The last few days while I've been out and running, I've keep Lou in Big Girl Pants!  She's been doing great.  Today not knowing the situation I put her in Pull-ups.  We hand NO accidents while we were gone.  This evening we had a small poopy problem but we still went on the pot.  Were so close.  

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What a fun looking day. The girls look cute in their costumes.

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