Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Helping out our Neighbor!

                                 Boy am I whipped!  We racked leaves today. 

Our neighbor Veldesta is 90 years old.  She widowed at the age of 30.  I can't believe she has been racking all them leaves all these years. Alone!  (For the last several years the other neighbor has been helping.  They are an older couple that we worked with today)   She has about 1.5 ares.  The trees are still half full.  They have to rake 3 times because they get to heavy.
My great husband brought me home a gift the other week from TN.  He visited the local Tractor Supply and found me these lovely gloves:-)  At the time, It was a nice thought.  Today when I needed them most,  it was a great gift!   I was so glad he was thinking of me.  My hands are killing me.
Enoch would not sit for a picture.  He would follow me around and sit in all my piles of leaves and chew the sticks.
The Bible tells us to take care of the widows.  I'm so glad we could do this today!

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I loveeee the 1st pic! SOOO fun.. great angle... and depth.


I cannot imagine being widowed at 30 - how sad :( Raking leaves is fun, jumping in the piles is even funner LOL

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