Friday, October 3, 2008

Kmart is Doubling Coupons!

We'll this don't happen often.  My friend Rachel Called yesterday.  KMart is Doubling up to $2.00.  That means it $4.00!  Up until Oct. 5th so you better hurry.

There tide is 2 or $10  so you get it for $5 plus you should have a $1 coupons.  Spending only$3 for tide.  Great deal.

I also pick up Revlon make up.  I had $2 coupons so i got $4 off.  I'm not picky on my makeup so i bought several.

Kmart is kinda expensive so you need to look carefully.  But go through all you coupons and look for the $2.00 coupons this is where you'll save the most.

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