Sunday, October 26, 2008


This photo just says burr to me.  I took it today after church. (It's our backyard) Winter is in the air.  Cool and crisp.  It's so windy today, I'm sure by morning there will be no leaves left on the tress.

Despite the chill day... it was a nice Sunday.   Pastor Paul is gone (again) to Ohio (our second home)  He'll be in tomorrow morning.  Today after church,  Lou took a nap while I read my new Beverly Lewis book and Autumn played on the internet.  I did a few thing around the house and the girls and I made cookies.  Kind of a lazy day.

I must say.  I'm getting kinda tired of the lazy days.  Wanting to get back to work again.  If funny how after a busy, busy summer, you need some time for yourself.  Then out of now where the urge to get busy again comes along.

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