Monday, November 17, 2008

ipod Blessing

Autumns loves her ipod,  She listens to it every night while she goes to sleep. She got it for Christmas 2 years ago.  She and Lillie take turns with listening to songs in the car.  Sometimes it results in fighting.  Not any more!
What a blessing for our family to receive a brand new ipod nano.  It's just like Autumns but silver.  The Car was a peacefully place on Sunday as we rode to church as each girl listening to their own music.

I know that some of you have not added  yourself to my side button that says follow me.  And I know that  your out there friends & family.  Its easy.  You don't have to have a blog.   Come on all you relatives!  Click here to follow me!

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Dean B.

Hey Jes, saw that you stopped by the Family Journey in Faith blog, so I thought I would answer your question her too.

FJIF is our ministry of partnering with parents to bring about the spiritual formation of kids. Currently, we offer monthly take it home events where kids of a specific age and their parents come together and learn about a key to passing on faith - family devotions, bible reading, bible memorization, family service, missions, etc.

We are hoping to expand in the future for family worship events, family mission trips, maybe a parenting seminar...



That is awesome!

Natalie Bacon

wow your girls are getting so big!! they are both beautiful!

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