Friday, November 7, 2008

Missed the girls

This last week we were in TN doing a kids crusade.  It is beautiful down there right now.

I do regret not taking my good camera, as always. I just had my little pocket camera on me.

This church is on I75.  I do dislike this statue.   I think it so unusual:-(

The crusade went great.  We had 100 kids attend, attendance was down because they are without a children's pastor right now.  But we had a great time.

It was great to have time for just Paul and I.  We are so thankful to Lacey who watched the girls. They did great without us for 5 days.  Lacey travel with us for 5 years,  Autumn adores her and  Lillie just the same.

It was 70 degress and Perfect!  The season was at it's peak and it was beautiful.

As always when we go south there is a few stops that are a must!

Chick-fa-la (favorite)
Mayville Ice cream

Needless to say we gained about 5 pounds. (not joking)

Can you believe this gas in Ohio $1.87.  We fill up and then a the next exit it was $1.82!  Thank you Jesus! This summer it cost us $160 to fill our tank.   This fall only $70!

3 I love Comments!!:


I'm not a fan of that statue either...

Gas needs to drop that low here! Only about $0.30 to go!!!


Yep, the Tumblebus just pulled right up in front of our house so the bus door was in front of the driveway. The kids had a blast; it was the easiest party I have ever thrown. Don't you just love the Bring the Rain blog? I have gotten several friends to start reading that blog. I am also doing the 7x7 prayers with my kids.

The Scotts

LoL that statue is freaky. Everytime we go home (down south) we pass it and it is just so strange!!!

I'm so envious of your food stops! I love chic fa la!

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