Sunday, November 30, 2008

The weather outside is frightfull...

I love the snow... but I don't like to drive in it!
It took us a hour longer to get home from mom's tonight!  AHHH!  Everyone wanted out of the car.  We were only going 40 mph from Charlotte until home.  It usually only take two hours and ten minutes.  The roads were slick, the DS went dead along with  ipod.  It was a long ride home!

We have 3 inches already and Autumn is hoping for a snow day.  Lillie want's to make a snowman.  We'll see what happens!  Thanks you Lord for safe travels!

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Dawn Blay-Smith

I am glad you guys made it home safely. I heard the roads were awful...


Yuck! I'm staying home as much as possible today!

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