Sunday, December 14, 2008

Autumn's Memory verse

Autumn was so excited to go to church this week to say her memory verse that
see learned last week!  Which was all good until Mom and Dad had to go to 
Ohio this weekend to Visit a Antioch Church in the YMCA.  
So because of her great disapointment we recored Autumn saying her memory 
verse to e-mail to the pastor so she could receive her points for Kids Zone.  

We've been attend here for the last 4 weeks. Autumn really enjoys herself 
and seem to be learning a lot.  I'm very impressed with her teacher who is really 
working with her class on how to find things in the Bible.  We've been visiting 
several local churches in the area and we are content here for the time that is needed 
until we decide the direction in which the Lord has planned for us.

Lillie of course, has to do everything her big sister does, so she wanted 
to be video taped also... here is her verse. LOL!

Paul and I had a great Visit to the Antioch Church.  
The YMCA has opened their doors to them. They are the largest YMCA in the US.
More to come on this. Let's just say it's got our wheels a turn'in!

Again sorry for the elf video
that is stuck up in the header
I'm still working on that!

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Autumn's got cut off before I heard the memory verse :( But that was a neat idea! And I have no clue what Lillie said except for "thank you" but I love it! LOL Toddler talk is so stinkin' cute!

His Hands His Feet Today

Hey there!
I just nominated you for the Lemonade Stand award! :)

Check out to pick it up!


Great Job - Autumn

Congrats on removing the jib jab thingy.

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