Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

I just wanted to show my mom my tree,  my parents won't be coming over this way for the holidays.  We are all meeting up North this Christmas. (More to come on this blessing later!) Anyhow, it looks like you all get to see my tree.   Enjoy!
I'm so excited this year!  This is the prettiest tree I've ever had.  The Lady that I work seasonally gave me the extra ornaments that she bought last year.  This was a huge blessing to me.  I could never afford these great finds.  She find the cutest things!
Everything is Red, White and Silver and it has Snowmen and Santa's.

I didn't have a tree topper this year to match, so it got Santa's Hat.  I think it works.  I know the top needs a little work.  

In our house we don't do Santa.  Autumn knows that Santa is Mom.  We play games, and dad says it's him,  he he.  We tease back and forth.  But in our house Santa is Mom and Dad. ( More to come on our traditions. )

So Mom are you excited to work on your Grinch Tree!  They've got lots of the bright Green stuff out this year!  It's gonna be soooooo cute!


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I love your tree :) You have some super cute ornaments! And the Santa hat is a nice touch, I think.

The Grinch Tree sounds like fun!


Your tree is cute. We haven't put one up yet.


The Santa hat is a cute touch to all of your ornaments. I really like the crystalized ornaments, it looks like snow on the tree!

Happy Mommy

Beautiful tree! We don't do santa either, my kids know its mommy and daddy!


Your tree is beautiful. We don't do Santa either. Thanks for sharing. Here's mine.

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