Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day Blessing!

The girls were blessed with this new table and chairs!  And a white one to match their room! Perfect!  It was going to be given the day before Christmas.  (Were going up North to stay in a Condo with my parents and my brother and his kids on Christmas Eve until ?)  However, today... being a snow day.  We were getting kinda of restless this morning.  So I went and dug through all the snow to get it out of the car.  We all sat on the floor in the living room and put it together.  They've been sitting at this table and chairs for 2 hours so far!  It's a perfect size.  It fits Autumn and gives Lou lot of room to grow.   Thanks for the Blessing!

Paul snapped this picture of me going out into the garage to get a ham out of the freezer. Tomorrow we go up north for the Dietzel Christmas.  This is a major drift on our deck, it's about 24" the deck has stair that go into the garage.  It was a great perspective.

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