Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Late night shopper

I'm a late night shopper.  I enjoy going to the grocery store without kids so I have time to look and think.  This also means no waiting in a line and it allows me to watch the scanner and make sure all my coupons take.  I don't feel rushed and no one is behind me.  

I just got home at 10:00 and the store was empty and I didn't have to wait to check out. Also, by going late at night, no one is around to see you take a picture of your cart. Hee Hee!

So tonight I splurged a little, meaning the Puczki's (Fat Tuesday yummy!!) and the large bottle of Nycuil (which is so needed right now, my sinus are going haywire).   I filled my cart for only $63.00.  I could of filled my cart for under $50 if i didn't need the Puczki or Nycuil.  What can I say?  I only saved 61% off my bill, I like to save 70% but I'm still happy I got items I needed.  I'd say the best deal for the night was Snuggle fabric softener.  I got it for 2.39 so I bought three:)

Remember to stock up, you don't know when those items are going to be on sale again.

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i really need to do more coupons. I went shopping with kelly the other day and brought my $40.00 ticket down to like 23.00 at kroger. I went today and got detergent at foodlion, half off so like $2.50 (it was arm and hammer), and then had a 1.00 off coupon.
so 1.50 for it. I make my own detergent but i couldnt pass that up! haha

I like the idea of shopping at night.. to bad our area is so dangerous at night.. id have to pack some heat to go out that late alone.. especially since im such a tiny person.. im like a big red waving flag with spotlights.


When our stores were open 24hr, there were many a night you would see me in there at 1-2 am. That's what happens when you get off work at midnight, drive 45min to get home. The only real problem I found with shopping that late had to do with the employees restocking and blocking the aisles.


61% to 70 % off of your bill! You go girl!


I love shopping without my kids too!!

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