Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chairs anyone?

I have to say that God is at work.  A Church in Farmington Hill gave our church plant 60 of there extra chairs.  They don't have room to store them.   They wanted to sow seed into Faith Family.  So they knew that we will not be able to use only 60 of them, plus we will be a mobil church so we will be setting up and tearing down every Sunday.  So, they told us to sell them and take the money we make and get what we need!

Do you know what is even more amazing...  They went though all of their chairs and gave us the best of the best!  What!!  Normally a church would say, "we've bought some new chairs,  you can have the old ones."  Not here!

We are so excited.  They are also are talking an offering on Sunday for "Faith Family" and will be mailing it to us!  It blesses me to see that people feel they are sowing into good soil.

The time has come to get busy and God is going to provide all that we need.  We are placing these chairs on Craigslist this weekend.  If you know any one who could use 60 chairs please contact me.  They are from the company called Church Chair and are normally priced at almost $40 we are asking $20 each.  The company still has the fabric so more chair could be ordered.

Now for something really important!!
MILK FOR FREE at Kroger!  You have to buy 4 Quaker products and you get 3 gallons of milk. If you have coupons for Quaker products then you get a steal of a deal!!  I only paid $3.00 for all of this!

Now for something more exciting
I've been totally blessed!  I've been allowed to go this weekend to Kalamazoo to this Photography class.  Ryan Richard Photography is amazing!!!  I'm in no way interested in wedding and senior photos.  But to better what Paul and I do and perhaps make a little extra on the way!   I'm soooo excited.  Did I tell you I was excited?  I'm leaving Paul for the weekend with the girls.  Wish him luck!

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Hey Jess,
We are in the process of getting a storefront building uptown and the chairs would be perfect. Dave will run it by a couple of the board members tonight and we will let you know asap.


okay, so i guess the more we got thinking about them, it probably will not work like we had originally thought. We think we are going to need something a little smaller and a little more portable as well. Hopefully someone will come along very soon!

Amy W

Don't need any chairs, but just wanted to say that the photography class sounds fun!


We did the same deal at Kroger except our Kroger ran out of choc. milk. I was bummed. 3 gallons of white milk (gave one to Nate) and 2 boxes of oatmeal squares cereal, capt'n crunch berries cereal, and oatmeal breakfast squares.

Thanks for the tip.

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