Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why I hate shopping...

I use to love to shop!  I hate it with a passion now.   First off I hate jean shopping.  I wished I lived in the tropical islands so I could wear my cute capris, skirts and dresses all year round. oh and the flip flops!!  I just want a cute jean that I can ware with everything.  All the sizes are different, I have to take like 10 pair of different jeans into the dressing room to find none that fit! (This is when I miss my mom the most.  Where is she when I need her to go find me another size.)  Go figure.  I'm only... 5'2'  I say, but I'm really close so I round it up! HA!  I like being petite, but it makes for no fun shopping.  If any one knows of a great place or brand, let me know. I'm desperate.  So this is what I ran into last night, 

I think these are Levi jeans.  I just wanted to show you the size difference.  This is why I have no idea what size I wear.  Think I'll keep the ones that says I'm a 6! hee hee!  I don't feel great about this pair but I know the perfect pair is out there waiting for me.   I just want want to be cute and stylish.  Why is that so hard.  It's all a girl wants.

    size 8 petite regular                  size 6 short

All the styles are so hard for me to figure out.  Especially with the shirts that are layered.  It seems to me anything goes.  I'm 32 and want to be a hip mom but not to young. My wardrobe is crappy right now and I have no idea of what to buy.  We are leaving for a children's pastors conference early (4:30 AM) tomorrow in Greenville South Carolina.   I'm going shopping tonight to try and find something that makes me look cute and sophisticated.  Which I usually end up buying simple and plain. Stuff that can go with everything.  Wish me luck.  I"d love to hear from you.
I'll see you all back here on Memory Lane Monday.   

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Hey Jessica,
Moriah and I would like to add our 2 cents here, as two short (too short, also) girls ourselves. I am 5'2" as well.

Try Old Navy. They usually have short lengths (sometimes called ankle length). We have an outlet store here, and they have some really great prices (at times).
The other place is Land's End. You can get several different lengths there as well. Moriah says forget Land's End (too expensive).

We vote for the size 6 Levis on you. They are lower waisted, which is more flattering. Nothing says dumpy mom jeans like the old high waisted jeans. They make the backside look bigger too.

The other advice I'd give is check out:
The membership is not expensive, and the advice on wardrobe selection (based on your bodytype) is great. She occasionally does articles on themes like jeans, hairstyles, selecting the right handbag, building a basic wardrobe, etc. Most people that subscribe to her service claim that the membership actually saves them money not buying clothes they won't/shouldn't wear.

Let me know what you think.


Jeans shopping is the worst.


Clothes shopping is horrid (which is why I'm still wearing torn jeans and tees from Goodwill, despite the fact that they make me look fatter than I am LOL). Good luck finding something (the size 6 jeans look good on you though!)

Amy W

I'm not short so I can't help you with that. But if I wear the regular sizes, they are too short, but talls are too long. Go figure. I like Gap jeans, but they can be pretty pricey. So I like to go try them on in the store and see if I can find a similar pair on ebay. A lot of the sellers will list the measurements, and I've gotten some of my favorite jeans on ebay.


I know exactly how you feel! The last time I went jean shopping I almost cried in the middle of the mall! I like a low waist with flare leg. I can find jeans that fit well, but are inches too long. And I refuse to buy anything that I don't like (I want cute, trendy jeans).

You might try Gap. They have a selection called Long & Lean (I am neither long or lean, but they work). They come in short lengths and the pair or two that I have are actually short (not like many stores whose ankle/petite/short lengths are way too long!). I've also gotten some from Aeropostale (but some of theirs are too long as well, you just have to do the 'take 15 pairs to the dressing room' routine).
Glyn keeps telling me I need to start a store for petite women with small feet (pants & shoes are the hardest things for me to find)!

Good luck with your shopping!

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