Thursday, May 28, 2009

Enoch We Love You

Over the last several weeks we've had Enoch at the Vet.  He's been unable to run, and he would just fall occasionally when he walked.   The x-ray shows that he has hip dysplasia and one of his tendons are not holding his knee in place.  It's so sad that he is only 14 months old and has so much more love to give.  I took this photo when we made the decision last week to put him down. 

We were on a family walk one evening and we notice all of the sudden Enoch could not walk straight.  Over the past several weeks it has got so bad that he is losing weight and muscle mass.  If you compare the two photos you can see his chest is smaller and he is much weaker.

So this evening was his time to go...  Autumn did not handle it so well.  Being that this was Paul and Autumns dream dog and they had looked forward to him for two years.  

Autumn told me she didn't want to pet him and say goodbye because she didn't want to cry.  I coaxed her into it and she said her goodbyes.  Lillie of course has no idea what is taking place.

Lillie was saying her prayers tonight, and this is what she said.  (so sweet)

"Thank you Jesus for this day."
Then she opened her eyes and asked me... "Mom where is Enoch??"

I told her he was with Jesus.
Then she continued her prayer.  

Thank you that enoch with Jesus.
Thank you Toaster here.
Thank you...

Enoch you will be missed.  You were a good dog.

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I am SOOOO sorry for you guys!!!
I know how much he was loved!
Hugs to you guys!

Amy W

I wasn't expecting this at all!! I'm so sad for you guys! {{HUGS}}


Awwww...I'm sorry :(


So sad :( Enoch was a great dog! He will be missed. Love you guys.


Oh my goodness, that's just soo sad. :(


My prayers are with you and your family. Even loosing a dog can be terribly difficult


I am sorry. The few times I saw him, he was such a nice dog.


We had to put 2 dogs down over the past year, and we had them for 12 years. I say that, to say this - I now how hard it is. I am truely sorry for your loss!


oh jess, I am SO sorry! We just went through this not too long ago! I will be keeping you guys in our prayers! This is always such a hard decision to make! Rochelle

I am so sad to hear this...only 14 months. So terribly sad.

Pets are so important in our lives. I know this is painful for all.

With Love,


so so sorry, my heart aches for you guys


Yea im sorry to

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