Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our first Kids Crusade for the Summer

Our first Kids Crusade took us to Blytheville, Arkansas. 

It's nice to get back into the swing of things.  Summer here we come!

And this is why I love my husband.  He gives 110% everytime!

This is a game that we play.  Who can squeeze the most pounds of pressure.  I just liked the photo.

Thank goodness Paul lost the offering contest.  He's the one who got wet.  It was a close one.

We were able to see family while we were here.   My cousin Glyn and his lovely wife Rebecca took us to Chubby's BBQ, the one and only.  It's a tiny little hole in the wall restaurant, but it was yummo!  (My cousin Glyn said he never thought of it as a hole in the wall restaurant, maybe it's one step up.)  We had potato wedges with pulled BBQ pork on top, loaded with cheese.  The best part... ranch dressing on top.  To top it off we added jalopeno deep fried bottle caps.  We like it spicy.  Don't read this next part...

I got sick with a migraine that afternoon.  I couldn't sleep it off and it make me so sick.  I throw up in the van on our way to the church for our evening program. Boy did I pay for those jalopeno peppers!  My nose and throat were on fire!!

Next we came to a church called God's House,  I like that name.  It's located in Tuttle Oklahoma,  it's located just outside of Oklahoma city.   It's always a treat to come to this little town.

Were heading home in a few hours it's about a 16 hour drive,  I'm going to try and finish the book Family Friendly Church.  I read to Paul while we drive, it helps time go by.

Lacey says the girls are doing great but are ready to see us.  Believe it or not,  Autumn has missed me the most!  

Oh, get this!

Lacey has been driving our car and when they were on their way to get Autumn from school, Lillie asked for her paci.  Lacey told her it was lost.  She said,  "no it's in there!!" (the glovebox ) Lacey looked and yes it was in there.  Paul had found it in the car and quickly stuffed it in there so she wouldn't see it.  I guess she was smarter than we think!  The girls had a paci party and it is gone for good.  (They gave it to our dog Enoch)

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Amy W

How fun! Not the getting sick part....but the rest looks great! I'm sure you've created lots of wonderful memories over the years.

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