Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank You Lacey

I wanted to say thanks to Lacey for coming and staying with the girls this past week.  The girls absolutely love her.

She made them these capes while she was here for the week.  If you remember back the last time she was here she made these crowns for the girls.  She's become quite the crafty lady!

Lacey thanks for taking such good care of my girls.  They love you so much.  I'm so comfortable leaving  you with them.  I know you run a tight ship and I love that.  Nothing gets past you, just like me.  

I appreciate you taking the extra time playing and making things with the girls, going out of your way to make things fun for them.  I sure do with you lived closer!!

In case your wondering Lacey and I grew up together,  my dad pastored her church. We met in 6th grade and she graduated a year a head of me.  About the time Paul and I were ready to go on the road and travel full time.  Lacey had just graduated from MSU with a teaching degree and could not find a job.  Lucky for me she became our full time nanny.  Autumn was only 6 weeks when she started to travel with us.  She was with us for five years!  We have made some great memories together!

We all love you Lacey!

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Lacey is awesome :) She made a cape and crown for Noah's birthday and he was just running around the house today saying he was a king LOL

Now I know more about Lacey.
We had a nice exchange earlier in the week ")

She is awesome...crafty... a wonderful friend to you!

Boybarian Dad

the last picture is so darling :)


You're so sweet. Thank you. I enjoy spending time with your girls and loved traveling with you. And yes, there are some great memories.


Congrats Jessica- You won my contest.

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