Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Lillie

Wow what a day! It's always nice to have friends and family over. Lillie was so excited about her birthday party. She asked me this morning if we could have another party today!!

We got Lou this Schwinn trike for her birthday day. She enjoyed others give her rides more then she did riding by herself!

This is Wyatt her future husband. ( pre arranged marriage :)

Lillie of course at this age picked out a princess cake, she's loving all that dress up and princess stuff right now!

We love our Grandparents! Autumn decided she wanted to be a clown for Lou's birthday.

My friend Hether decided she would get Lillie a HERMIT CRAB! I think she did it just for my reaction, but she just knew that Paul would like it!

Lillie is not to sure about it, but has named it Lil-Vinnie. She told Paul yesterday that she likes the crabs name "Vinnie" but does not like the crab! We'll just have to see how long Lil-Vinnie hangs around. That food stinks!

So my baby is not really a baby anymore, but it's all good. I enjoy her getting older. However, I do miss the snuggling in the baby sling.

So I'm hoping that the TERRIBLE 2's are gone and the TERRIFIC 3's are here??? We'll see.

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY Lillie Ann Dietzel

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Amy W

Happy Birthday to sweet Lillie!!



We all love you - see you soon.


Looks like she had a great birthday! Darling child :)

I'd like to invite you to visit us at for some tips on helping Lil Vinnie live a long, healthy life.

gail t.

We had a hermit crab up until this morning, he loves to be outside, I gave him h2o & food yesterday & forgot to close the lid went out this morning & he's gone, we had him since April, came all the way from Virginia. Fred seems to think he went and found a tree he's suppose to be a tree hermit crab(whatever that is) they are the easiest pet to take care of otherwise. Happy Birthday Lillie

Oh, I can see she had a wonderful birthday!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Lillie!

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