Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm still here!

I'm sure you're all just as busy as we are!

Here is what's happening at home:

- the christmas stuff is down
- Lillie is so excited to be back in school, along with Autumn
- I've made no new year's resolution, I never do.  I work on stuff all year round. Why make it a special  time of the year? 
- sorry my blog is messed up, I'm working on that... as soon as I have time!
-  this month I want to de cutter... Paul claims I don't have much to get rid of!!  I guess that mean I want to organize and do some deep cubbard cleaning.

Here is what's happening with Servant Hands:

-sloooowww,  snowwwww  Can't have inflatable out in the winter.  Booking are few and far between.
- we leave for Columbus Georgia this weekend for a program.  We will be doing kids church while the adults have a special guest speaker name Perry Stone.  Inflatables will be going inside along with our program.
- looking to purchase 2 new pieces of equipment in the next few months.

Here is what's happening with FAith FAmily:

- we are in need of a larger trailer
- we are doing the 21 day Daniel fast (fruits, veggies and water).  We started on January 3rd, my birthday :D  Lot of our church members are fasting for the first time.  So exciting!  Autumn is fasting her Nintendo DS.
- we love seeing new families each week
- we have a special speaker coming in this week because we are in Georgia

There you have it!  Just a little to let you know the Dietzels are still around and are not slacking in any way, shape or form!!

2 I love Comments!!:


You slack... highly doubt it! Have fun in Georgia! Wish you were going to be closer.

Have fun down here! Wish you were going to be closer!

Amy W

Happy belated birthday!!! I am all for fasting - I finally participated in my first one this past summer and God completely healed my allergies. He's amazing!!!

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