Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a few good deals

$3.61... Not to bad for 26 items on a quick run through Kroger.

I've set up a date for our church plant Faith Family to have their first class on couponing.  Everyone should learn.  However if the grocery stores in your area don't double $1.00 coupons then the deals are not as good.  Sometimes it's cheaper to buy off brand.    In my town it always cheaper to buy name brand.  It's funny 2 years ago before I started this coupon thing, I never filled a grocery cart and rarely bought name brand items except for cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup and a few others.  There are some things that just don't taste the same.

off subject...

My first ladies night with Faith Family I had 18 ladies show up.  I was so geeked!  It was a great time of getting to know each other.  It's so hard being in the YMCA for only a few hours on Sunday.  It makes building relationships hard.   Just a small challenge of being a mobile church.

2 I love Comments!!:


I think this is awesome that you are going to do this as topic. I wish our pastor's wife would do that. Oh wait, I am the pastor's wife. For real, I want to know more about it but have no clue....where to start? Have you posted anything on specific details or can refer to a good website? I want to jump on the "I swear, I 'm not really a grocery thief, I just know how to coupon" bandwagon.


Ha Melody I love that!

Jessica are you still shopping in Swartz Creek ? I Soooooo miss the double coupons. I think it's awesome that your teaching them your mad coupon skills. I know you will do amazing!

Miss ya!

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