Thursday, March 25, 2010


A new family favorite!!

Autumn and Paul got this game for me for Christmas.  I told Paul I wanted to buy it for Autumn.   Paul ended up buying it for me.

Its a huge hit with family and friends.  It's nice that Autumn is getting bigger to play family games... if you know what I mean :D   I'd say, so long CandyLand, but then there is still Little Lou.

So the best part of Blokus is... It's easy enough for Lillie and Pastor Paul to play!

3 I love Comments!!:


That is a great game! We love it too!

Amy Warden

Our family is a fan as well. Although we received it the Christmas before last, and our new favorite family game is Monopoly Deal. It's the card version of Monopoly and even my 6 1/2 year old can play!


I'm so glad to know of a good game! I was just looking at games for us as a fam the other day and didn't know what to get. It's hard having a nine yr old and a three year old though....can the three yr old keep up?

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