Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hillbilly Water Slide

Camp is in full swing here at Ludlow Falls, Ohio! This is our first time here at the Missionary camp!

It is so hot this week!  There is no pool but there is this awesome "HillBilly Water Slide"  our camp back in Michigan needs one of these!

Autumn was slip n and slide n from side to side because she would not lay back on her back, which would have been even faster!!

Lillie had a great time, climbing up further and further up the slide until she worked her way up to the top.  She was nervous at first, but now she can't be stopped!

We are half way through the week!   It's a long and a hot one here at Ludlow Fall...  Tomorrow we will be walking down to see the falls, they are right in the back yard here at the camp.

2 I love Comments!!:


That is THE awesomest water slide eva!


Now that's my kind of slide!!

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