Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bethalto IL

These past 3 day we have been in Bethalto Illinois.  The concept the church tried to minster to the family this year was a success!!  Each night families came for games and fun then split up into different classes:  children, youth and adults/parents.  Obviously we did the kids, the adult took parenting class  by Dr. Lehman.  No not himself personally, but by DVD.  They also gave away some great prizes for the family.  That last night they had 350 people.  It was a great concept.

While we were in Bethalto we were only 30 minutes to St. Louis, Missouri.  So we took advantage of our day and went to the Magic House.  It's a hands on museum for kids and big kids!

The girls were not successful in getting the bubble fully around them.

Lillie made us pizza in the pizza parlor and Autumn took our photo.  This was a huge 2 story play house  all with:  library, baby hospital, pizza parlor, kitchen, market, bank and tree house... oh and a pond to fish in.

This was everyones favorite part!!!

I'm thinking I need to make this my new facebook profile :D  what do you think!

I'd say this stop here was our second favorite.  We spend lots of time playing here.

The Dietzel family highly recommends the Magic House if you are ever in the St. Louis area.

We also go to see the St. Louis Zoo...  more photos to come!

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