Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mississippi is Hot!

Summer is here! Its time to get on the road again! Gas is expensive y'all! (I can say that cause I'm down south)  We filled up before we left at $4.00 a galon but down here in Mississippi we filled up for $3.49!  Gotta love that.  That is the cheeper gas not the heat!

We ran into some flooding heading south.  The sand bags were holding back about 2 feet of water, keeping it from crossing the freeway.  The construction workers were pumping water out of the median into the field on the other side of the freeway.  We had to drive though a couple inches of water.

I can't believe the water that is surrounding that tree in the middle of the corn field.

One of our favorite places to eat is in Sikeston, Mississippi.  Lamberts Cafe is home of the Throwed Rolls.  It was number 19th in the country of the 101 Tastiest Places To Chowdown.

 They really do throw the Hot Rolls,  8000 a day!

Just so you know, I caught mine :D

Today it was 90 degress here in Pearl, MS.  Its so hot compared to Michigan, when we left it was only in the low 60's.  The locals say this is spring and that it is not hot!  

We just finished up our first kids crusade of the year and we've had 4 days of hanging out till our next program.  This first stretch of the season we had to come without the girls.  It will be 12 days without them .  I'm missing them a bunch ;(   Soon they will finish school and be with us.  We start our first camp next week.  We have 6 this year.

We found this great store called Dirt Cheap.  It's all returned items at a great price!

Mr. Bacon has ate all of our slippers.  Lucky for him I was able to replace them for $3 a pair at Dirt Cheap.  They came from Target.  I could tell because of the clearance price tag.  I also picked up a couple pairs of $2.00 flip flops, speedo swimming googles for $1.60 and a few other items I really didn't need.  But it was fun!

Its been nice, for the last several days Paul and I have been spend alot of time together.  I love spending time with him... dreaming, planning, reminiscing, napping and even shoping for nothing! lol  

Summer is in full swing so I'm going to try my hardest to keep up on this blog for all my friends and family who wonder where in the world are Paul and Jessica this week.  Especailly my dad :D  

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I love your blog. The photos are great and I would love to go to "Dirt Cheap"!!


Your both daughters are very cute. By just having a look at your blog, it seems you are enjoying summer to its fullest.

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