Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011

We were hoping for 200 people at Family Family this Sunday... We met our goal plus 6!  It was a packed house.

I have on idea how many kids we had this week but we made up 100 easter baskets.  They were all gone when I turned around :D

Then off to the park for an Eggsplosion!  Some of you know our system.  We hid the eggs empty, yup empty.
We hid 10,000 eggs and the kids collected them and took them to the egg redemption centers where the eggs were counted.  Then from there, they head to the Candy Centers.
At the Candy Center is where they recieved Candy based on how many eggs they collected.  It works for us!  We don't have to invest in eggs every year and we don't have to have an egg stuffing party.
We've been training our church on how to do Face Paining and Balloons for outreach!  

They are doing great!  What a team of people!

Just the Day before Easter (Saturday) we were in Maryville, Tenesseee doing a 3 day kids program ending with a 20,000 egg hunt.  They had 2,000 people in the park Saturday and it was a perfect 80 degress!  We then drove home right after arrivng home at 11:10 on Saturday Night!
Just in time for Easter Sunday at Faith Family.... What a weekend!

Hope you all have a great Easter!

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Amy W

You really did have a packed Easter weekend! Congrats on meeting your goal - that's outstanding!

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