Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged! you all know how to play right? Someone tags you, and you tag six more bloggers. That means that in your blog, you link to the blogger who tagged you, state six useless facts about yourself, and then tag six new bloggers by listing their blogs and leaving a comment on each. My friend lace from Keeping my Fingers Crossed tagged me.

Six useless things about me:    
1.  I take all the photographs in our house, so I'm in none of them.  Except this cheesy one I took of myself the other day in the car.

2.  I used to collect cartoon band-aids.

3.  My favorite cookie is the store bought sugar cookie from Super Walmart.

4.  I'm a coupon shopper!!!!  I love to get free food!

5.  I don't know North, South East or West (I just asked my husband and this is what he said.)

6.  He also says I can't spell and I'm not a great cook!

So there you go, my husband knows me better than I do.  I'd hate to ask him for all six!  I tag. . . My sister in-law Kristen at Ramblings and I don't know anyone else who blogs!!!

1 I love Comments!!:


I don't think you are a bad cook! But I agree with the N,S,E,W thing and you are much better at spelling than you used to be.

Thanks for playing.

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