Sunday, February 3, 2008

Showers of Blessings!!!!

Wow!  Since Paul has gotten out of the hospital. There has been showers of blessings!  A pastor prayed for paul while he was in the hospital.  He prayed that God would speak to individuals, and through others our finances would be meant.  And people form all over the United States have sent gifts of all kinds. 

This is a one of the many blessing I want to share. The lady I work for during our down time is an amazing woman!  She has blessed our family tremendously!  She told me she picked up some goodies for the girls, so she sent me home with a box for Autumn and a red gift bag for Lillie

When I got home Autumn and Lillie both ripped open their packages.  It was like christmas all over again!  (That is a whole other story in it's self.) Tissue was flying everywhere.  Each
article of clothing was rapped in tissue. There were flip flops, sun glasses, summer clothes and to many out fits to count.  All from Limited Too!  I couldn't of done a better job myself.  Everything fit perfectly!  Autumn was in heaven!  Lillie too received several outfits from Carter's.  She too at a young age loves clothes, shoes and Hats!  

I could of never done this for my children. God has used others to meet our needs. God has been so faithful to us during this season.

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You got pictures to post!!

What great looking clothes the girls received. I'm sure they both are enjoying the gifts.

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