Saturday, March 22, 2008

What can you buy for a quarter?

We were off to the store this morning to do some shopping. Autumn cleaned out her piggy bank because she had to buy something.  You know how a quarter can burn a hole in your pocket.  So while at the grocery store, she bought a gum ball for $.25. 
Well you know how those coupons can burn in hole in my pocket. This is what I got for $.25!  I think I did better! (10 Ivery body wash, Yo plus yougart, Juicy Fruit Gum & Light and Fluffy Noodles)
So what can you get for a $.25?

2 I love Comments!!:


I can't believe that!! You are so good.

Hey you will be proud of me. I used 2 coupons today for $1.00 off chicken nuggets and the nuggets where on sale for $1.00. I got 2 bags of chicken nuggets for FREE!!


I have to learn how to do this! Please help me :)

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