Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Can you believe we had 3 inch of snow on Easter Sunday.  Well my girls didn't seem to mind.

We had to get up early this morning to drive 1 1/2 hours to church. We had to speak to about 80 kids this morning.  The girls love to get all dressed up, so it was an easy morning.

After church we had our egg hunt.  Lillie was hilarious!  Looking for egg under the couch. She could get so excited when she found an egg.

Autumns favorite was her Webkinz and Littlest Pet Shops that were hidden in the eggs.  Lillie love her bunny purse and the CANDY!  This years Easter was special blessing!

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Those are some amazing Easter baskets.


Really like the Easter pictures, Thanks for sharing!

The Scotts

Hey i already started cutting coupons this past Sunday and wow there were a ton!!!

I also Tagged you on my blog if you want to play!

Natalie Bacon

Hi Jessica!! I found your blog thru the Scott's. So nice to see your family! It has been awhile!
Natalie Bacon

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