Sunday, April 20, 2008

Counting Sheep..1...2...3...

Autumn has always sleep with an eye pillow, since she was 1. When we traveled she had a hard time napping in the car.  Paul took off his sock and put it over her eyes, it worked!  That grossed me out, so I bought her an eye pillow. 

Tonight was Lillies first time sleeping with her eye pillow on.  He would hold it, but not wear it. I think she's hooked now.  These are life savers.  It calms them down and puts them right to sleep.

It's designed for people who check in on lots of blogs.  It tells you when there updated and you can see them all on one page.  It great and easy to use. Check it out.

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I have been seeing giveaways for the Downtime Sleepy Hat (which is basically a sleep mask, but in hat form) and I was wondering if they would actually work for little ones. There's been quite a few times when the boys have slept with blankets covering their eyes because they just slept better, maybe I should pick up a couple sleep masks...or make some, I bet I could figure it out.


this is so cute. I would scrapbook this story. I enjoyed your blog, i will visit again.

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