Saturday, April 19, 2008

It Happened to Our Family

You know those story’s where you say I wish that would happen to me.  
Paul and I have down sized our housing situation.  We will be living in a two bedroom house while we build a house on our 3.5 archers.   The girls will be sharing a room.  I only had about $300 to spend on bunk-beds!  I wanted something pretty, girly.  Something that Lillie would be able to use when we move into our house for her bedroom.  I was coming up dry, and everything on Craig’s list was boy looking wood or metal.  I have only 1 week left.

Delivered to my door was this perfect, girly furniture.   They are cottage white bunk-beds with a trundle, mattress and all.  A 7 drawer dresser with mirror and a 5 drawer chester.    It was perfect! 

But wait...just when I thought GOD YOU ARE MY PROVIDER.  There was the bedding!  It’s called Emilie from Pottery barn Kids.  The only words I have to describe it is “precious”.   Not only did my girls get the comforters and shams, but 3 sets of sheets and extra pillow cases.

But wait...Just when I thought GOD YOU ARE SO FAITHFUL.  I received 3 more sets of pink sheets, 3 pink twin blankets and 3 mattress pads.

I’m am speechless.  It is amazing how God used someone to be a blessing to our family.  I’m so glad this individual was sensitive to the Holy Spirits leading.  It is amazing when we listen to the Holy Spirit and obey him.  Just think what would happen if we all were so giving.  We may not be able to give big, but we can all give.

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that is beautiful furniture! What a blessin


That is so awesome! I love to hear stories from "real" people about the awesome ways that God moves. (and it's a super cute bedroom set too!)

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