Monday, May 12, 2008

Barf City

OH!!!   I forget to tell you about our ride home from Oklahoma.

We think Lou got food poisoning.  She throw up 6 times.  We went through 6 pairs of clothes. Good thing I over packed.  

The Worst was the curled chocolate milk.  Lucky for me I was driving and Paul got the hand-full of sour milk.  It was so bad we have to  pull over for a shower.  We were in the middle of no where.  The exit only had 2 gas stations a questionable Motel and a little church.  It was 1:00 so no one was at church. The gas station would not do the job needed.  So we went to the Motel.  I asked the guy for a room to clean up Lou.  It was all in her hair.  So I strip her down and throw her in the tub. Not letting her sit down, because it was one of those hotels where you would rather sleep in the car!  

Anyway, thank you Motel owner for a cleaner baby.  However the car still stinks of up-chuck!  It was a long drive home. Lillie is feeling great today!


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