Saturday, May 17, 2008

Computer Genius?

Could one  of the my girls be a computer gooroo?  Autumn of course loves to play webkinz. What 7 year old doesn't?  I really have had to put time limits on her computer time.  She could spend all day here. She has 7 webkinz and knows all there names.

Lillie has just figured out the computer, she's always going over and grabbing the mouse, acting as if she knows what she's doing.  She a stinker!  My friend Lacey turned me on to Knee Bouncers  it a game just for toddlers.  All they do is is touch the keys.  Lillie loves it..she says "Game, Game" Which means "I want to play the computer!"

I just tucked Lillie into bed.  She was calling me.  
MOM... I say "Night Night Lillie."
MOM...I say "Quiet." 
MOM...I say "What Lillie."
BABY...I say "OK."  She already has her eye pillow and  Autumn's cat webkinz
So i go and give her baby.  I was out of the room and she yell "Tankyou"   (thank you)  It sure is nice to be appreciated.  She's now sound asleep. 

Paul has left me home alone.  He left yesterday to take equipment to 2 schools in Alma, and the headed to Cincinnati, Ohio to do a charity benefit.   Busy season, here we come!  I must say I'm getting used to this being home alone.  For so long I was always with Paul doing program and taking out our moonwalks.  Now with  2 girls it a little more difficult.  Summer is coming though and we may have only 4 days open this summer.  It's everyday baby! However on the days paul leaves me home.  I get lots of stuff done.  I'm beginning to like my own time. Don't tell him!

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