Sunday, June 22, 2008

Animal Lover?

I am not an animal lover... my family is.  I think I'm out numbered.  We went to look at a miniature pony today.  And I feel in love with this little "roo"   I'm doomed, I hope I'm not crossing over.  This little gal stole my heart, she will only get about twice the size she is now. She's soooo cute.  All of us loved her.

We went to look at "Fashion" this miniature pony, the girls loved her.  She is older but is great with kids.  Lillie was walking behind her and patting her butt.  I guess that is a "no no" in the horse world.  See I'm learning.  We haven't picked her up yet but, she'll be coming home soon. We have to get ready for her.  Probably within the week, we'll keep you posted.
We had a great day today looking at all the different animals this lady had. (Lemurs, Squirrel Monkey, Bush Baby, Wallaby, Macaw, Cockatoo, Chinchilla, Rosellas & lots of Miniture horses)  She had a beautiful place.  I can so see my husband doing this.  More to come about our farm. EIEIO!!!  HA! 

Don't Laugh Lacey!

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I was laughing! And thinking "Oh No!" When I saw that kangaroo.

The horse is cute but I don't care for horses. Chickens were okay but a horse?

Your girls are going to be so excited.

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