Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Animal Lover? Continued...

Here is a picture of our 3.45 acres. We love it out here. This is just the front of the lot. We have an acre of tress and 2.5 acres of open field behind us. We are hoping to build debt free within the next two years. We are so excited! We are renting a house two houses over. Were not here yet, but the animals are.

This is Lineal the Llama...

This is Lucy the mini horse...

We also have some Rabbits, Fancy Fantail Pigeons, some baby chicks... Were picking up another Miniature horse named Fashion and were looking for a few Boer Goats! The fam is in heaven... however I still think the beach is more like heaven. I know this is good for the girls and Paul. This is Paul and Autumn's thing. Autumn will be learning to be responsible. Were already booked at many camps and this is sure to be a great addition. EIEIO!

6 I love Comments!!:


the llama is absolutely adorable! I want one...LOL



I can't believe all the new additions in the month since I've been over.

The girls have to be so excited.

The Scotts

What are you thinking!!! They are so cute but wow!!! Do they have coupons for animal food lol :)


How fun! I want a "petting farm" in our backyard, but don't want to do all the upkeep LOL


Oh I love all the photos! they are just precious. Both my boys are huge animal lovers.. although big ones like weirdo emu birds scare Taite haha.

His Hands His Feet Today

My kids would be in HEAVEN!!! We did a petting farm for Liam's birthday party last month and they charge a small fortune ... you should be able to make back their food costs by doing one birthday party! LOL!

Thanks for the comment as well :) When they switch to 8:30 service next week ... THAT will be a test! :)

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