Thursday, June 26, 2008

I feel like a Hot Fudge Brownie!

Yum... Hot fudge Browning!  When Paul and I first got married (11 Years ago) when we lived in Lansing we would go to Bill Knaps and order Hot Fudge Brownies.

The house is trashed, the dishes need to be done. (everyone knows I don't leave dishes in the sink)  We've been in and out and running every-which way.  We've been switching out equipment with the 3 truck,  Which are all out this weekend so that great income for us this week.  We've just pressed 600 t-shirts for Teen camp.  Paul is on the board for two children camps coming up so we have to press 600 more t-shirts in the next 2 weeks.
Let me also add that we are also Coordinating and speaking at.  We've been working on our family zoo HA!  Putting up fencing and what not!  EIEIO!

Found this picture on my camera.  It was a week ago when it was a chilly June day in Michigan. Just bought this pool and Lillie obviously couldn't wait.  I turned around for 5 seconds and the kid was stripped down and sitting in a pool with no water.  It was way to chilly to swim this day. 

That Darn CAT is not ours.  It's been hanging around for a few weeks.  I think someone dropped it off.  It's to friendly for me.  Wish it would go away.  I keep telling my husband to quit feeding it!
Now off to make some brownies!!!

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Awweeee...You guys have a pet cat now too!!!! You crack me up!

Miss seeing you everyday!


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