Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independence Day! One day later!

There practicing... getting ready for the big BANG!

Yesterday was a huge day.  It was an early morning for Paul.  The girls and I met up with him later that evening.  We took 18 of our games to Fenton.  The Freedom Center puts on a huge event for the community.  I crawled up on our jumbo slide to get this picture.  We were set up in front of VG's and K-mart.  It was an excellent spot to see the fireworks.  At the location we had 9 games set up.  At the Freedom Center we had 6 other inflatable games set up.  No telling how many people came through here.

Autumn got a chance to meet up with some of her long lost buddies!  
Didn't see her much of the night.

Lillie enjoying some of the foods they served!

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The Scotts

aww i missed seeing you :( We were tailgating over at Walmart for most of the night and i took my little ones plus a few others to the church jumpy houses. Hope to see you soon! Praying for strength for you this week!

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