Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kroger is calling my name!

I haven't gotten a Sunday paper in weeks.  We've been so busy.  I was needing grocery's badly!  I couldn't bear to go to the store to pay full price.  It makes me sick.  So finally today, I was off.  I did well, I had a savings of 75% off my bill.  I only spend $58.00.  

I enjoy going grocery shopping (alone).  I feel that the time i spend is worth the money that I save. It's the least that I can do to save our family money.

Next week we have our first camp.  Were print 600 camp shirts right now and making last minute details.  We start a kids crusade tomorrow in Davison.  It's five days.  Which makes for a long week.  Check out  jump n shout to see past programs. We also have two equipment rental tomorrow.  What a way to start the week.  Lord give us strength!

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His Hands His Feet Today

I too went grocery shopping alone yesterday (during naptime!)... however my bill was 2 times larger and my table about 3 times full! LOL! Wait until you have to feed 10 people- it becomes the challenge of a lifetime on one income! One I love accomplishing every week :). It brings a weird sort of satisfaction! lol! We are Meijer shoppers though ... my check out person loved me when I came through with 11 jars of applesauce, 10 pounds of potatoes, etc! LOL!

His Hands His Feet Today

Oops that should have been 3 times larger, 3 times as full ... :)

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