Monday, August 11, 2008

Bay Shore Family Camp

Sebwing, MI
Bay Shore Camp
100 Campers

This is a family camp.  Families come together to camp and during the day they go to there seperated programs. We worked hard this week. We did a 9:00 program, 10:30 Program and a 7:00 program.  (Three 80 min. programs a day)  What are we thinking!

This was a very eventfull week.  I'm trying to upload photos but it's not working.  Paul was so sick with some kind of allergy.  He slept most days and in between our 15 min. break between programs.  That how i knew he was so bad.  It rain and i left my big camera lens in the stroller overnight!  Not good!

This was our room on the camp grounds... amazing! 

On the up side.  This camp was so nice.  It had the best Putt-putt golf.  Better than most you pay for, with running water and everything.  There was trackless train for the wee ones.  Lots of child friendly play areas. Autumns favorite was the zip line.  Way Fun! 

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Jaci Spain

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It looks like ya'll have an amazing ministry as well! And your girls are ADORABLE!

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