Sunday, August 10, 2008

You won't believe it!!

This is our Miniture Horse "Lucy.  Last week after we left camp we took the animals home.  They were with us at camp for the petting farm.  We left the next day to go to our next camp up North.  We were home less than 24 hours and look what happened!

We did'nt even know that Lucy was with horse!  If you look close this little horse is only 5-6 notches on the fence. Shes so tiny.  These pictures are about when she is 36 hours.  

We hav'nt been able to see her yet.  We are so excited.  Autumn is looking forward to putting Charlie Bown into 4H.

So weve made it thogh our 4 weeks of camp!  Hav'ent had much internet so i'll post more about them later.

We got to our hotel tonight (were in Buycrus, Ohio) and the girls are just stareing at the TV.  They hav'ent seen one in serveral weeks!  Too funny!

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Charlie Brown is a great name! I can't wait to come see him.

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