Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Free food!

haven't been to Kroger in weeks.  We've been gone.  I did give my sister in-law $100 to spend for me.  I can't wait to see what she has pick up for me.  She said she's having a hard time spending it!  
Today this is what I got.  43 items for $34.31

1 gal. milk
3 box of Luzianne Tea
2 Loafs Sara Lee Bread
2 Idaho Instant potatoes
2 cans of dog food
1 cat treat
2 Eskimo Pie ice cream treat
1 M &M Ice cream treat
6 boxes of Kudos bars
2 bags Frozen Cascedian Farm French fries
1 Cherry Lemonade
2 Sara Lee Cheese cake bites
6 Boxes of Kleenex 
1 gummy worms
2 Kraft Bagel fills
1 grand cinnamon rolls
1 Benadryl
1 Sudafed Pm (however you spell that)
1 Heluva Good Dip!   We love this!
1 Gold Fish 100 Calorie
2 cans of Biscuits 
1 Coffee Nips

1 I love Comments!!:


umm, Jess? You don't have a cat. or do you? I never know with all the new animals over there.

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