Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not Sno-cones...Sno-balls!

I've only had a sno-cone.  The pastor at the church we were at tonight brought in Marshmallow Cream to top off the sno-cones.  GROSS!  That's what I thought at first.  It was soooooo GOOD.   She said that's the way they serve them in Ocean City Maryland. They're called sno-balls. I couldn't believe it. We go there at least 2 times a year.  And we've never had them!

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how many sno-cones and cotten candy my children have has this summer (4 months of traveling).  So I went back through the Calendar to see where we have been.  You not going to believe this!  I would  say it's safe to honestly say 60!!  Don't worry Moms.  One bag of cotton candy has way less sugar than a can of pop or a juice box.  I can't believe we use to travel around 8 months a year.  I don't even want to know!  The good thing is... Autumn has never had a cavity!
In case you are unfamiliar with our ministry .  We have several inflatable games, and many concession that we set up several times a week at churches, camps & schools where we do programs for the family.

On our way down to Canton to our program this evening, we stopped at IKEA
I wish I lived closer!  If you've never been, put it on you list of things to do!  I just pick up a few items.  This place is Amazing!  It has everything and anything!  Can I get an AMEN?

This churches pastors wife had an amazing talent!  Sis Crank, you go girl.  I told her we needed to take her on the road with us.   She decided against it.  So I've decide I'm going to learn myself.  
Paul and I are going to be getting into clowning again soon.  We'll be going down to 
Clown Antics in the next few weeks to get some new supplies and I'll be picking up this amazing face painting skill.  I HOPE I'M GOOD?  I painted Lillies face in the picture.  Not as good as Autumns, but I'm willing to learn and take criticism.

Any way... lots to say to night.   The girls and I drove home by ourselves tonight.  Paul and a boy named Brandon went on to Kettering Ohio.  I'll be home by myself for 2 nights. (Autumns already in my bed)  You know what than means!  When husband is gone, I get in lots of clean and organizing.  He keeps me so busy.  I think I'll start first by putting my stuff away I got from IKEA. Oh and guess what else that means.  I have to do the farm chores.  Yea, for me!  I've never scooped poop before. 

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Michelle Pullins

IKEA is my favorite!


Um, poop scooping? Is that on my list for this week?

You should definitely learn how to do the face painting. It's really cute.


IKEA is least their internet store is!

I bet you can learn face painting in no time!

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