Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Pastor Paul and I think that Enoch is going to be Lillie's dog.  She loves him and is always, kissing, hugging, pulling, petting...  

He is now 60 Pounds.  Over the last week he has gained a pound a day!
He is doing great on his pottying out side, with only a few accidents inside.

He listens very well.  We are so impressed with is behavior.  We've taken him to the last two kids crusade with us.  He does great with kids.  He follows Paul around and just sit by him when she stops. You can tell he watches the girls to.  

Thursday is his big day. If you know what I mean. 

Took Autumn to gymnastic tonight.  She's taking class' though the Corunna Community School programs.  Her instructor prayed with the girls before they get started!  Wow, I was surprised and greatful!  I shared with her after the class how much I appreciate that.

Worked super hard today.  We cleaned out our storage shed.  We have so much ministry equipment from the last several years.  Along with lots of other stuff that that we've collected.  I feel 100 pounds lighter and I have'nt even had my gragae sale yet!

Signing out to go to bed early tonight.

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Jaci Spain

What a PRECIOUS dog!

I got my blog background at http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/ They have TONS of backgrounds and they are free!

That's awesome about the gymnastics teacher praying with the girls. We pray with our soccer team but that is very rare and hart to find. Happy closet cleaning:)

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