Sunday, September 21, 2008


Mom and Dad came for Lunch on Saturday.  Tried to snap some photos.  Lillie never makes it easy.  Maybe you would have more luck Tracy.
We always are so glad to see our Grandad and Granny Grunt!

 The deal of the day!  $2.91.

My friend Lacey made these tutus for the girls.  She had the girls for that weekened we went to Illonis.  Lacey  at "Keeping my fingers crossed" made a tutu for her niece.  My girls had to have them too!  Thanks Lacey!  If your interested I'm sure she would make you one for anyone who has little girls out there in ciber space.

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Those tutus look great! I'm so glad they fit. Your girls crack me up. They are so funny.

Next up is felt crowns. I'm making them for my girls and if I have enough materials left your girls are next.


so cute


these pics r just 2 cute!


Awww the photos are cute even if Lillie won't sit still :)

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