Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain Out

Our season is almost over.  We had a cancelation today because of the rain.  It was nice.  We took a nap, went to the mall, went to have dinner with friends! (Thank you Houle family!  We love your company.)

We'll I was going through our calendar, and this is what I found.  During June, July & August... we set up our inflatables 30 times! (thats,  5 inflatables, sno-cone, cotton candy and 5 picnic tables and canopy tents) Which is not so bad considering we set up for 2-3 days at a time. We also did 83 program!  So we've accomplished a lot over the past 90 days.  

When I look back at our summer.  I can't believe we use to travel 9 months a year and we did this for 6 years.  We've been to 35 different states.   Did you know that in the year 2000 when Paul & I stepped out into full time ministry, not relaying on the church, we were book out until 2006!  Thats when I told my husband, we need to stop taking bookings or we'll never have time to have another baby!  That's when we came off the road to work at The Freedom Center and to have our Little Lou! 

We still have one more kids crusade next week.  Were busy weekends through October...and!
We rest for a time... but we also get anxious to get busy again.

God has been so faithful at taking care of us as children/family evangelist!

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