Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Video of us on Total Christian Television

Here we are on TCT.  Click Here, Once on the page, there are three programs at the bottom.  One of the boxes will say Rejoice Sept. 5.  Once you click on this you will see it say "Guest Paul & Jessica Dietzel"

In case you missed it or were not able to check it, here it is.
It's a 1 hr program.  We appear 4 times.  So if you don't have an hour to watch you can skim through.  We do four segment.

1st    Us making Cotton Candy
2nd  Paul doing a silly coin trick, me making some balloons
3rd   Paul escaping from his straight jacket
4th   An interview

2 I love Comments!!:

Michelle Pullins

You guys are great! What an awesome opportunity!


how are you autumn

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